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Utilities Billing

Hours of Operations
3325 Groom Road, Baker, LA 70714
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Friday – CLOSED

Customers who move into the City of Baker must sign up for utility services with the Utility Billing Department located in City Hall. New customers, including commercial businesses must complete the move-in application, provide current drivers license, lease if renting, and proof of home and/or business ownership papers if you are a home or business owner. Deposits can be paid by cash, check or money order. Debit or credit cards are NOT accepted in the office. However, a link is provided for online payments. Please note a convenience fee is associated with the online payments.

Keba Coleman – Director

The following is a list of deposits that must be paid upon application for services:


$200 Gas

$100 Water

$20 Electric permit


$100 Gas

$50 Water

$20 Electric permit

Services that are included in your monthly bill month are:

  • Gas if the residence has gas
  • Gas meter fee
  • Water
  • Garbage
  • City of Baker Sewer
  • East Baton Rouge Sewer user fee
  • DHH

The City of Baker Utility System has three (3) billing cycles depending on the part of the City in which you reside. Bills are sent out approximately two to two and a half weeks prior to the due date. Payments in the office can be made by cash, check (no temp check), money order or online by credit or debit card. Please note a convenience fee is associated with the online payments.

Payment Options:
Credit Card or Check
Pay By Phone 1-877-591-8768 or visit COB Bill Pay

Late Payments:
A 5% late fee is levied to unpaid balances the day after the bill is due.

You have seven (7) additional days after the due date to pay your bill. If the bill is not paid by 8:00 a.m. on the eighth day/cut-off day, a non-payment penalty and reconnect fee of $55 will be added to your unpaid bill and your services may be interrupted. Services interrupted for non-payment will be reconnected the following business day after payment of the full account balance due, including the $55 non-payment penalty fee.

Benefits of Automatic Bank Drafts:
City of Baker Utility Billing Department Bank Draft Program gives you the convenience of paying your water/gas/sewer bill without the hassle of writing a check or coming to the City to pay your bill. Within 45 days of applying for the bank draft program, the City of Baker will begin deducting the amount you owe for your monthly water/gas/sewer bill directly from your checking account.

You will continue to receive your COB utility billing statement each month. The notation “bank draft” will appear on your bill. The Bank draft service will electronically debit your checking account on the bill’s due date for the total amount you owe. Your Bank draft payment will be listed on your monthly checking account statement, just as if you’ve written a check yourself. This is your proof of payment. If your automatic draft/funds transfer is returned to COB due to insufficient funds, you may be charged an additional $25.00 fee.

Useful Links and Documents:
The following are links to the online bill payment system and to the forms used by the Utility Billing Department. Forms can be filled out online and printed out prior to coming in for service.


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