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Republic Service Request

To report a problem and request a resolution online, you must complete the steps on our Service Request FormĀ 

Items too large to fit in your trash container are considered Bulk Waste.

Republic will come to your home and remove bulk items such as furniture or appliances and recycle or dispose of materials properly.

Some items, such as home furnishings, mattresses, carpets, and, appliances may require special handling.

Please note, that any services rendered by a professional firm, such as tree cutting, yard waste, construction, or renovation waste must be removed by the company providing the service.

Please note that up to two tires may be treated as bulk waste, however, more than two should be disposed of by the individual appropriately.

Dumping waste is prohibited in the City of Baker. Report illegal dumping or spills, by calling 225-775-6000.

To report any drainage problems and ditch maintenance, please contact 225-775-5584.

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