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City of Baker Gas System Public Awareness Notice

City of Baker Gas System

Public Awareness Notice


Please read the following gas system safety information.

It is provided to promote public awareness and damage prevention awareness.



The City of Baker owns and operates a natural gas distribution system in and around the City. The gas system consists of an underground network of pipelines throughout the City and in unincorporated areas adjacent to the City limits. The purpose of the gas system is to provide a reliable and safe economical source of energy for heating purposes to the homes and businesses

adjacent to the underground gas pipelines. The pipeline system has the capacity to reliably deliver natural gas to the customers.

The hazards of natural gas are that it is: odorless, colorless, tasteless, lighter than air and can ignite and/or explode with tremendous force when mixed with the right amount of air.


Prevention measures taken include:

  • Adding odorant to the gas to give it that distinctive smell, similar to rotten eggs, to warn us of its presence
  • Testing the odorant level each calendar quarter
  • Performing annual gas leakage surveys
  • Conducting periodic pipeline patrols


The following are signs that may indicate a gas leak:

  • A hissing or roaring sound (caused by escaping gas)
  • A patch of dead or discolored vegetation in an otherwise green setting along a pipeline route
  • Blowing dirt, grass or leaves near a pipeline
  • Continuous bubbling in wet, flooded areas
  • A “gas smell,” similar to rotten eggs


Safety Procedure:

Anyone who may smell this odor or notice any unusual conditions on or near gas mains, vents, service lines, meter sets, or especially inside of a building should call the City immediately. If you smell a strong gas odor inside a building, notify everyone in the building to leave. Do not operate any switches or use the phone. Go a safe distance away upwind of the gas smell and call the City of Baker. With any gas leak protect life first then property, then notify the City of Baker.


Excavator Procedure:

Pipeline markers are maintained to inform the public of the gas line location. State and federal laws require excavators to notify LA One-Call two (2) full working days before digging. If any excavation is planned you must notify LA One-Call which will notify the City to locate the gas lines. The City of Baker maintains membership in the LA One-Call program.


Emergency Contact Information:

To obtain additional information or report a gas related issue call the City of Baker. The City of Baker phone number is 225-775-9952 (24 hour). The LA One-Call Center phone number is 811.


This information and the pipeline signs are provided as public awareness and damage prevention awareness notices.

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