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Baker City Park, located next to the Baker Municipal Center, has many amenities. We have a one-half mile walking and running track, extensive playground equipment, picnic tables, plenty of green space and state-of-the-art outdoor exercise equipment--the Energi Total Body Fitness System and the Life Trails Advanced Wellness System.

The Energi Total Body Fitness System: Developed for ages 13 and up, ENERGI combines functional fitness and body-weight training to deliver a synergistic workout that connects all five of the body's major anatomical systems and exercises nearly all of its 206 bones and 600 muscles.

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What is the Energi System?
To see instructional videos of how to use the Energi System, please click below:

Energi System Instructional Videos
Life Trails Advanced Wellness System: Gives older, active adults the freedom of revitalizing fitness with LifeTrail, the outdoor workout designed to make it easier for users to perform daily tasks and enjoy a better quality of life.

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What is Life Trails?
The Life Trails outdoor exercise equipment was purchased from funds donated by the following organizations:
The City of Baker, BREC, BREC Foundation, Baker Charitable Foundation, Knights of Columbus of Baker, Lane Regional Medical Center, Main Street Pilot Club, Mary Sue Stages, APAC, Northridge Care Center, Peoples Health and Wal-Mart.

To view instructional videos on how to use the Life Trails system, please click on the link below:
Life Trails Instructional Videos

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