City Court

Judge Williams Bridget
Kirk A. Williams
 Bridget Dawson
Clerk of Court
Chief Deputy/Civil Clerk:  Kinta Cage
Civil Clerk:
Chemisi Green
Civil Email Address:

Chief Probation Officer: 
 Cynthia Grimes
Probation Officer:  Stephen Longmire
Probation Telephone: 225.775.5047
Probation Email Address:

Deputy Clerks:   Evelyn Gill
                           Alexandria Cooper Davis
                           Chemetra Irvin
                           Raemel Richardson

Online Payments:

Tickets that are payable given by a Baker Police Officer can be paid by calling 1.855.893.7930 or online at

Court days are Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:30am.

Bench Warrants fees are now $50.00 per fine. For additional info (r.s. 13:1000.10; 1415, 2002.1, 2488.40 and 2489.1; act 308; bill # sb478).

Extensions are granted with the surrendering of your Drivers License and issued a Drivers Permit until paid in full. You can also request community service work in lieu of fines with the City of Baker.

Dress Code in Court:

Proper dress is mandatory in the Court Room.  If you fail to abide by the proper dress code you will not be allowed in the Court Room until all defendants have been addressed.  T-Shirts cannot have any logos, writing, or obscene images, no slippers, hats, tanks, sleeveless tops, sagging pants, and or shorts. Keep your hands out of your pockets at all times.

Children are not allowed in Court Room. No purses, cell phones and or electronic devices are permitted.

Tickets received by mail through Video Enforcement are not handled by Baker City Court. For additional information call


Marriage License are issued on Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 8:30am until 3:00pm. Requirements are Original Birth Certificate of groom and bride, Identification, and if anyone has been divorced a copy of the Certified Divorce Decree.  The cost is $27.50 and $5.50 for a certified copy. You must have exact change.  For faster service the application can be completed on line at

Sign out bonds are allowed with the following qualifications:

****Deadline time is 3:00pm

****Must be at least 25 years of age.

****Must be employed for at least (3) years with current employer.

****No prior convictions.

****Amount of income must be at least $400.00 per week after taxes.

****Must provide 2 consecutive check stubs.

****Last 3 years tax returns or w2's and or

****Letter from employer stating length of employment on letter head that will
         be verified with Human Resource.

Defensive driving school is offered to non CDL License holders at Defendants request.

City Court

1320 Alabama Street
Baker, Louisiana 70714
225-778-1866 Office
225-774-6755 Fax

Hours of Operation
8:30am -4:30pm